Friday, August 16, 2013

I Have a Dream,... ...

I would like nothing more than to see every Animal Rescue Group in my area provide reduced cost or free Spay and Neuter assistance to the community.

Offering this type of program can often be spendy and require substantial and consistent donations. If there is a program like this in your community, you can provide the help to directly reduce shelter populations. That is pretty awesome,.. you have the power to reduce the number of unwanted animals in your community.

We had to turn away almost 400 dogs in 2012 and so far, in 2013 we are already at 300 dogs being turned away.
We are not a shelter, and with limited donations, we have to be responsible with the numbers we care for. 300 Pit Bull Type dogs in need of re-homing in our area is too many! We need solutions, and spay/neuter assistance is essential in reducing those numbers. Not just one group needs to be doing it, not just two or even three, every single rescue group needs to implement some form of spay and neuter assistance,.. at the very least, EVERY group should be spaying and neutering BEFORE a dog or cat is placed into an adoptive home.
Puppies and Kittens are adorable, however there is no shortage of either and plenty of adorable babies are being born in shelters every day, and they face the possibility of contracting an illness or even euthanasia. Thankfully there are many wonderful shelters in our area that work with local rescue groups, trainers, foster homes and volunteers to make sure that this does not happen, however, it is proof positive that one thing our area is not lacking in, is adorable animals in need of homes.

 If you would like to help us with that dream, visit and make a donation today! Talk to your local rescues and ask them how you can help to set up a spay and neuter assistance program, or, if that is not possible, donate to sponsor a spay or neuter of a rescued dog. There are plenty of dogs out there that need to get fixed and plenty of owners that may not have the resources or access to those resources that would love the opportunity to fix their pet.

Remember! YOU have the power to reduce the number of unwanted pets in your community by supporting your local rescue efforts.

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