Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Product Review ~ Buster Food Cube

The Buster Food Cube is a wonderfully interactive toy that dispenses treats as dogs push it about. The square, hard plastic design makes it difficult for dogs to get in their mouths and that means it lasts longer.
I don’t know about you but as a Bully Breed Rescue, we are always looking for sturdy toys that can stand up to chewers. A toy that also provides mental stimulation and keeps busy minds occupied is always a bonus.
As a rescue, we have several different age groups that call us home, and with every age comes a unique set of challenges and needs. Sometimes it is nice to be able to provide a safe, durable and challenging toy to a dog and be able to get a few things done without needing to occupy their attention.
You know what i mean, when that young dog is bored and even though he has gone outside and played, and even though he has a toy box full of fun toys, he wants your undivided attention regardless how much homework or paperwork you have.
It can be frustrating for both you and your pet. They need to use their brain as much as you do, and if you won’t play with them, what else is going to mentally stimulate them? Chewing on that rope toy or a bone is not going to keep their mind busy, just their mouth. So instead of getting frustrated, try an interactive toy.
We recently did a review for the Kong Wobbler, and the Buster Food Cube is in the same ballpark as far as function.
The Buster cube is filled with kibble or treats (we use kibble because we can monitor their food intake that way and because treats can get spendy)
As the ball is pushed around, it dispenses treats out of a central hole. The inside of the cube has a spiral type interior so treats have to work themselves around and do not get dispensed on every single movement. Dogs really have to work for their food but once they get the hang of it, treats dispense easier.
My dogs can get the cube in their mouth by hooking a tooth on the treat opening so supervision might be required if your dog will not stop pestering the part that opens.
Because of the spiral like insides, treats last longer, the dog works harder and you have more time to get what you need to get done done.
The downside to this product is the noise.  With all the food rattling around inside as it moves it is loud and gets louder if your dog is really moving it around. My dog Papi just pushes it behind him with his paw and as it flies across the room it is like a rain stick filled with rocks. Sophia tosses it into the air with her nose. So you will have to get used to the noise to some extent, but at least you will know your dog is still having fun right?
Another downside is it can be harder to fill then some treat dispensers. Depending on the amount of treats you have to coax the kibble out of the center and turn it around to make room to close it.
It is not as easy to clean as some other dispensers.  Swish hot water around inside and let air dry. You can not get a sponge into all the dispensers chambers.
So overall
  • works with kibble or treats
  • due to construction, dog takes longer to get all the treats
  • durable
  • reasonably priced
  • great for busy dogs who need mental stimulation
  • can get noisy during play
  • can take some effort to fill if using more kibble or treats
  • not easy to scrub out with sponge

We love using interactive toys, it makes us feel better about doing our work when we know that the dog has a great toy that is getting their attention,

Capone Tested, Bully Approved

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  1. The "hard to clean" bit is a bummer. As for that it seems awesome! I'll have to look into getting one or two (I find them aesthetically pleasing as well as being a good dog toy.) Love the new blog, it looks /great!/